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Ford Motor
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Ford Motor
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Avon Lake
Project Description: 

new assembly line at auto plant

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motor vehicles
Specific Industry of Parent: 
motor vehicles
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Awarding Agency: 
Department of Development
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Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
Capital Investment: 
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The subsidy value and breakdown as well as the job and investment figures came from: Ted Wendling, "State offers $83 million to retain; Ford plant would keep jobs in Avon Lake," April 27, 2002.


The state package was offered in exchange for Ford's commitment to invest $140 million in the plant for a new SUV assembly line while recalling 800 laid-off workers and retaining 1,200 others. It included: a $16 million infrastructure grant; a $3.5 million training grant; a $16.2 million Job Creation Tax Credit; a $24.3 million Job Retention Tax Credit; a $10.5 million tax credit on new equipment; and a $12.9 million enterprise-zone property tax exemption. When Ford later tried to reduce its job commitment by more than half, the state threatened to slash the subsidy package. Ford backed down and reaffirmed the full commitment. See "Ford agrees to keep 2,000 jobs at Avon Lake plant," Associated Press, August 23, 2002. Overlaps with main Subsidy Tracker data: none.

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