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Subsidy Tracker Subscriptions

While searching and displaying search results remain free of charge, only paid subscribers are now able to download results in spreadsheet form. Your two-for-one subscription also includes access to Violation Tracker and comes with a new feature: the ability to save searches.

All subscribers will also receive e-mail notices when Subsidy Tracker and Violation Tracker are updated and expanded.

We didn't make the decision to charge for certain features easily, but it was necessary to help cover the costs of expanding and maintaining our popular and powerful – as well as labor intensive - databases. If you have questions about the subscriptions or need access to a full dataset, contact
Kasia Tarczynska: [email protected]

We offer three subscription options based on the number of downloads and saved searches. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time after the first month. 

If you have questions, contact Phil Mattera:
[email protected]