Subsidy Tracker Individual Entry

Jetro Cash & Carry Enterprises, LLC
Parent Company: 
Leonard Green & Partners
Subsidy Source: 
New York
One Oak Point Avenue
Project Description: 

Jetro sought NYCIDA assistance to acquire an approximately 522,720 sq. ft. vacant parcel of land and to construct and equip an 193,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility, located at One Oak Point Avenue in the Bronx. The company is a wholesale paper goods, cleaning supplies, food equipment and food distributor, primarily serving restaurants and supermarkets. The new, larger facility will allow the Company to expand the categories of products it sells, to include items such as fresh fish, meat and broader ranges of dairy products. In addition, the planned facility will be LEED certified, reducing its environmental impact and energy usage in the area.

Major Industry of Parent: 
private equity (including portfolio companies)
Specific Industry of Parent: 
private equity (including portfolio companies)
Subsidy Value: 
Program Name: 
Industrial Development Agencies
Awarding Agency: 
New York City Industrial Development Agency
Type of Subsidy: 
tax credit/rebate; property tax abatement
Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
created: 45; retained: 0
Wage Data: 
salary created: 28350; salary retained: 26932
Wage Data Type: 
estimated salary

Subsidy value is total for the year of property tax abatements and sales tax exemptions net of payments in lieu of taxes. Jobs and wages are estimates.

Source Notes: 
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