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Logan Foret
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Great Falls
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Webisodes: This project will take you on a tour of Montana as seen through my windshield. I will take you to a variety of places that will highlight the wondrous nature of Montana. I plan to have many renowned artists assist me on this journey. They will see firsthand what life is like in this great state. They will explore the history, the culture, and the music in a way that is truly Montana. We will visit places like Butte, Flathead Valley, Great Falls and Missoula to show the different cultures and people throughout the state. In each location, I will find forever loved food establishments, venues, and people who can show just how truly beautiful Montana is. The artists will try their hands at exploring history, working with youth and working on a ranch to live the lives of everyday Montanans. This isn't your traditional travel show, this is a show through the eyes of a road trip. The experience you get when you hit the road and are not sure what you'll experience. Montana has a vast amount of roads that lead to hidden gems throughout the state, 'The Vanual' is the road trip of a life time and I want to share it with the world.

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Montana Big Sky Film Grant
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Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development
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