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Black Flowers Film LLC
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Feature Film: A post-apocalyptic drama set two years after a devastating nuclear war. It follows the journey of small family of Mum, Dad, Daughter and boyfriend as they travel across a desolate North America seeking a new home. They must fight the hostile world they find themselves inhabiting as well as encountering many helpful and unhelpful beings, but the greatest threat might be from within. "As a British film director and writer I have been searching for a location that lends itself to cinema. In feb 2017 I was a judge at the Santa Barbara Film festival and at the World Premiere of the film Charged, which I thought was excellent, and not only emotionally engaging but shot in the most beautiful and dramatic locations, I was lucky enough to meet the cast and crew later on, and Jennifer Jane (a fellow Brit) told me all about Montana and how great it was to film here. So I went off and wrote a feature film based on locations I found on Google Maps and once I had the 1st draft of the script written I got on a plane and came to Montana with Krista DeMille for a week to look at locations. we travelled many hundred miles and visited Bozeman, Big Sky, Butte, Helena and other smaller towns as well as many unmarked locations. We certainly put the miles in! Returning back to the UK I tweaked the screenplay so that it would best fit the locations we had found. I raised the budget through private equity in the UK."

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Montana Big Sky Film Grant
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Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development
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