Subsidy Tracker Individual Entry

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.
Subsidy Source: 
Silver Spring
Project Description: 

Business Service and Related

Major Industry of Parent: 
healthcare services
Specific Industry of Parent: 
pharmaceutical services
Subsidy Value: 
Program Name: 
Montgomery County Economic Development Fund Grant and Loan Program
Awarding Agency: 
Department of Economic Development
Type of Subsidy: 
grant/loan hybrid program
Capital Investment: 

Data obtained from a February 26, 2013 report by the county's Office of Legislative Oversight. The report contains a list of grant and loan recipients for the period from FY1996 to FY2012 but does not indicate the year for each entry. See the original for information on the status of each award, including information on whether the company met its obligations and, if not, whether it repaid any of the subsidy. Project description is industry category. Jobs and investment figures are projected amounts.

Source Notes: 
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