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flat-screen plant

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electrical and electronic equipment
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electronic equipment
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minimum annual wage
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The entry's information came from: Assembly Bill 1, August 2017 Wisconsin Legislature Special Session, online at:; Jon Peacock, Wisconsin Budget Project, "Different Assumptions about Foxconn Job Creation Yield Much Higher Estimates of the Cost of Jobs," August 3, 2017; online at Jobs and investment are amounts promised by the company. Local subsidy data comes from Sean Ryan, "Mount Pleasant approves $764M spending plan for Foxconn's plant," Milwaukee Business Journal (Wisconsin), November 21, 2017.


During a special session, Wisconsin State Assembly passed and the governor signed a subsidy package to attract Foxconn to the state. The state approved $2.85 billion over 15 years in refundable corporate tax credits that will offset 17 percent of the company's payroll costs ($1.5 billion) and 15 percent of capital expenditures ($1.35 billion). Wisconsin already had tax breaks that would eliminate Foxconn's state tax obligation (Manufacturing and Agriculture tax credit and Single Sales Factor); thus the subsidy was to be paid in cash. In addition, the state approved $150 million in sales tax exemptions on construction materials. The state also agreed to spend $252.4 million on road improvements for the future facility. Mount Pleasant Village agreed to create a Tax Increment Financing district whose cost has been estimated at $1.49 billion, including $763.8 million in tax increments that will pay for the project, $166.5 million in interest, and other administrative costs. Racine County agreed to provide $50 million towards the land acquisition. In addition, Foxconn was granted workforce development assistance. The company was also exempted from various environmental laws and regulations. Overlap with main Subsidy Tracker data: a 2017 $2.85 billion entry for FEWI Development Corporation (Foxconn) from the Electronics and Information Technology Zone program.

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