Subsidy Tracker Individual Entry

Exxon Capital Ventures, Inc.
Parent Company: 
Exxon Mobil
Subsidy Source: 
State in Which Facility Is Located: 
East Baton Rouge
Project Description: 

Acqu, constr & equip certain industrial, manufacturing &/or processing facilities at existing plant.

Major Industry of Parent: 
oil and gas
Specific Industry of Parent: 
oil & gas
Value of Loan, Loan Guarantee or Bailout Assistance: 
Loan Value Notes: 

Loan amounts do not reflect repayments. See the original source for that information.

Program Name: 
Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds
Awarding Agency: 
Internal Revenue Service
Type of Subsidy: 
federal tax-exempt bond
Source of Data: 

direct from Louisiana Treasury Department


In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the federal government provided Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama allocations of private activity bonds, the interest on which was exempt from federal taxes. The face value amount is the value of the bonds issued by the state minus any rescinded amounts.

Source Notes: 
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