Subsidy Tracker Individual Entry

Avon Products, Inc.
Parent Company: 
Subsidy Source: 
New York
1345 Avenue of the Americas
Project Description: 

See footnote 1: The Company entered into a Commercial Incentive Bond project with NYCIDA on May 1, 1996 (amended to Commercial Straight Lease project on August 1, 2003) for the total project amount of $115,000,000 to renovate and improve (from time to time) certain leased space in two buildings located respectively at 1251 Avenue of the Americas and 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, and the acquisition, leasing,installation and maintenance (from time to time) of furniture, machinery, equipment and certain other tangible personal propert for use therein and at 9 West 57th Street, New York, New York, all for use as corporate headquarers and executive offices of the Company in connection with the manufacture, distribution and sale of beauty and related products and services and other consumer products and services.

Major Industry of Parent: 
Specific Industry of Parent: 
Subsidy Value: 
Program Name: 
Industrial Development Agencies
Awarding Agency: 
New York City Industrial Development Agency
Type of Subsidy: 
tax credit/rebate; property tax abatement
Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
created: 165; retained: 949
Wage Data: 
salary created: 0; salary retained: 0
Wage Data Type: 
estimated salary

Subsidy value is total for the year of property tax abatements and sales tax exemptions net of payments in lieu of taxes. Jobs and wages are estimates.

Source Notes: 
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