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Dell Technologies
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North Carolina
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computer manufacturing plant

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electrical and electronic equipment
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The value and the breakdown of the local subsidy package, and the job and investment projections are taken from: Nate Degraff, "Winston approves Dell incentives," Greensboro News & Record, December 21, 2004. The value and the breakdown of the state subsidy package are taken from: J. Andrew Curliss, "Dell's deal with N.C. draws flak," The News & Observer, December 5, 2004. For a deal overview, see also: Good Jobs First, Growing Pennsylvania's High-Tech Economy, pp. 48-54, 2010; available on line at:


The $279 million package included local and state subsidies offered to Dell in 2004. The local portion included: upfront money for site purchase and preparation; $18.3 million grant from the county and $18.9 million grant from the city, both over 15 years. The state portion of the subsidy package, about $242 million, included: about $200 million in computer manufacturing tax credits; $21.4 million in tax credits under the William S. Lee Act (two portions of which totaling $18.3 million are listed separately in the main Subsidy Tracker data in entries for that program); an $8.8 million Job Development Investment Grant (listed separately in the main Subsidy Tracker data in a 2004 entry for that program but valued at $18,774,000); a $3.25 million Golden Leaf grant; $3.25 million in training assistance; $3 million for transportation infrastructure; a $1.7 million Triad workforce development grant; and a sales-tax refund of $995,300. In November 2010, Dell closed the plant. The state recovered $1.5 million of the JDIG grant and local governments recouped about $26.6 million. There was no clawback on the tax credits and exemptions that the company had received by 2009 (the clawback data is taken from: Lee Weisbecker, "Legislative committee says kill Dell's $225M incentive," The Business Journal, April 1, 2010).

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