Subsidy Tracker Individual Entry

International Paper Company
Parent Company: 
International Paper
Subsidy Source: 
4537 Highway 480
Project Description: 

Upgrade to PM#1 Presses by replacing the stainless and redesigning the frame to allow for seamless felts and reduce deterioration. Installing new continuous detrashing system and drum screen on #4 Pulper. Upgrading the Digester Blow Line by upgrading the metallurgy of the digester blow-line spool to stainless steel. Installing step foil elements on the first four low vacuum boxes in the fourdrinier. The table will be aligned and four new vacuum control valves will be installed. Upgrade the desuperheater flanges to improve reliability. The desuperheaters will have a cage and plug retaining system and three borescope inspection ports. Upgrade HD cleaner from batch to continuous system and add large capacity cleaners, new sediment tank, new LD cleaner, and a white water booster pump to support the new continuous process. Campti Facility increasing jobs with 33 new hires within the first 24 months.

Major Industry of Parent: 
paper and packaging
Specific Industry of Parent: 
paper & packaging
Subsidy Value: 
Program Name: 
Enterprise Zone
Awarding Agency: 
Louisiana Economic Development
Type of Subsidy: 
tax credit
Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
Wage Data: 
Wage Data Type: 
Estimated Total Payroll
Capital Investment: 

Year is application board approval date. Subsidy is the sum of Estimated 5 Year Payroll Credit and Estimated 5 Year S&U or Investment Tax Credit. Jobs is the sum of estimated 5 year new jobs, existing jobs, and estimated construction jobs, which equals the estimated total jobs. Wage data is the sum of estimated 5 year payroll, existing payroll, and estimated construction payroll, which equals the estimated total payroll. Investment data is the sum of Estimated Building And Material, Estimated Machinery And Equipment, and Estimated Labor And Engineering which equals the Total Estimated Investment.

Source Notes: 
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