Subsidy Tracker Individual Entry

Chalmette Refining, LLC
Parent Company: 
PBF Energy
Subsidy Source: 
St. Bernard
500 W. St. Bernard Highway
Project Description: 

Capital investments during this period implemented improvements in Safety, Environmental and Reliability performance for the site as well as other Projects that met certain Discretionary and Strategic margin improvement goals. Notable Safety Projects included reducing risk to site personnel by moving away from process units through the construction of Blast Resistant Buildings and projects to install redundant tank level gauging to prevent overfill. Environmental projects focused on compliance with the US EPA,??s Refinery Sector Rules and Low-Sulfur ULSM Fuel Standards. Reliability was improved through large mechanical equipment upgrades such as tanks and vessels as well as High Voltage Electrical and Shutdown Control System upgrades. Significant margin improvement Projects were the restart of idled units of the PRL Restart and the construction of a new 475,000 barrel Crude Storage Tank.

Major Industry of Parent: 
oil and gas
Specific Industry of Parent: 
oil & gas
Subsidy Value: 
Program Name: 
Enterprise Zone
Awarding Agency: 
Louisiana Economic Development
Type of Subsidy: 
tax credit
Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
Wage Data: 
Wage Data Type: 
Estimated Total Payroll
Capital Investment: 

Year is application board approval date. Subsidy is the sum of Estimated 5 Year Payroll Credit and Estimated 5 Year S&U or Investment Tax Credit. Jobs is the sum of estimated 5 year new jobs, existing jobs, and estimated construction jobs, which equals the estimated total jobs. Wage data is the sum of estimated 5 year payroll, existing payroll, and estimated construction payroll, which equals the estimated total payroll. Investment data is the sum of Estimated Building And Material, Estimated Machinery And Equipment, and Estimated Labor And Engineering which equals the Total Estimated Investment.

Source Notes: 
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