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Ford Motor
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Ford Motor
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manufacturing and supplier park

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motor vehicles
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motor vehicles
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The value and the breakdown of the subsidy package and the job and investment projections are taken from: Charles Sheehan, "Ford to expand South Side plant," The Associated Press State & Local Wire, September 7, 2000. See also: Fran Spielman, "Ford to build S. Side facility," Chicago Sun-Times, September 7, 2000. For a detailed description of the deal, see: Jeff McCourt and Greg LeRoy, "A Better Deal for Illinois," (Good Jobs First, January, 2003), chapter 7; available online at:


The subsidy package included state and local subsidies. State level subsidies included $52.2 million from the Illinois FIRST program for infrastructure improvements, site clean-up and the construction of a technical training center as well as $6.1 million in industrial training funds. The city contributed $22.2 million in infrastructure improvements; $11 million from a tax increment financing district created around the site; $7.6 million for job training and recruitment; and $2 million in environmental grants. In addition, the state offered Ford an unspecified amount in 10-year EDGE tax credits (not included in the total). Overlaps with main Subsidy Tracker data: $419,198 tax increment financing entry for 2003 as well as awards from the Large Business Development Assistance Program and the Employee Assistance Training Investment Program totaling $9.6 million.

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