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Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
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Port St. Lucie
St. Lucie
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medical research facility and headquarters relocation

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healthcare services
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biomedical research
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average annual wage
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The value and the breakdown of the subsidy package and the job and wage requirements are taken from: The Florida Senate Interim Report 2009-107, "Review of OTTED's Oversight of the Innovation Grant Program," October 2008, p.5; available online at: Information on the Quick Action Closing Fund subsidy is taken from: Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability Report No. 10-05, "Biotechnology Clusters Developing Slowly; Startup Assistance May Encourage Growth," January 2010; available online at:


Torrey Pines, a private non-profit research center, received state and local subsidy for relocating its headquarters from La Jolla, CA, and establishing research facilities. The state contributed $24.7 million through the Innovation Incentive Program and $7.2 million through the Quick Action Closing Fund The county contributed $10 million and the city $40 million for buildings and equipment. Torrey Pine received also about $21 million as a private donation; this amount was not included in the total. Overlaps with main Subsidy Tracker data: a $24.7 million Innovation Incentive entry and a $7.3 million Quick Action Closing Fund entry, both for 2006.

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