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Goya Foods
Parent Company: 
Goya Foods
Subsidy Source: 
New Jersey
Jersey City
Project Description: 

headquarters and distribution center

Major Industry of Parent: 
food products
Specific Industry of Parent: 
food products
Subsidy Value: 
Program Name: 
Awarding Agency: 
Type of Subsidy: 
Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
Source of Data: 

The value of main subsidy and the number of retained jobs came from: Jarrett Renshaw, "Goya gets $80M deal to move to Jersey City," Jersey Journal, October 12, 2011. That subsidy amount is also listed in the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Activity Report; online at


The main subsidy amount refers to an Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit offered to get the company to keep its operations in the state and relocate its headquarters from Secaucus. The Jersey City City Council later approved a 20-year property tax abatement for the company worth about $8.1 million (Terrence T. McDonald, "Jersey City City Council approves 10-year tax abatement for Goya Foods' proposed headquarters," Jersey Journal, November 10, 2011). Although the headline refers to a 10-year abatement, the body of the article puts the length at 20 years. The Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit award is also listed in the main Subsidy Tracker data with an amount of $81.9 million.

Source Notes: 
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