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Baxter International
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Baxter International
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Project Description: 

pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

Major Industry of Parent: 
medical equipment and supplies
Specific Industry of Parent: 
medical supplies
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Awarding Agency: 
Type of Subsidy: 
Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
Wage Data: 
$55000 to $60000
Wage Data Type: 
average annual salary
Source of Data: 

The value and the breakdown of the subsidy package, and the job and wage projections are taken from: Christopher Quinn, "Anatomy of a deal; Plant incentives hit $210M," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 28, 2012; available on line at:


The value was estimated by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution based on the Economic Development Agreement Between Baxter and the State of Georgia. State level subsides include: at least $27.2 million in sales tax exemptions on machinery and equipment; a $28.1 million Quality Jobs tax credit; $14 million for a training facility; a $13.8 million infrastructure grant; $10.4 million in Quick Start job training funds; a $4.7 million Jobs tax credit; a $2.5 million sales tax exemption on construction materials; $1.47 million in job training funds from Georgia Works Ready; a $1.35 million energy sales tax exemption; and $150,000 from the Georgia Department of Labor for a recruitment center. Local subsides include: 15-year real and personal property tax abatements worth $94.1 million; a site worth $6.5 million; a $5.9 million grant for a new wastewater treatment plant; $1.3 million in waived fees; $100,000 for road improvements; $60,000 for use of authority offices; and unknown amount in Freeport tax exemptions and costs associated with industrial development bonds. The facility is part of the portion of Baxter spun off into a new company called Baxalta in 2015. Baxalta was acquired by Shire in 2016. Overlaps with main Subsidy Tracker data: none.

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