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Lockheed Martin
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Lockheed Martin
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Major Industry of Parent: 
aerospace and military contracting
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aerospace & military contracting
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California Competes
Awarding Agency: 
Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development
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Number of Jobs or Training Slots: 
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The value of the subsidy package and the job data were taken from Marc Lifsher, "California grants $420-million tax break to Lockheed Martin Corp.," Los Angeles Times, July 3, 2014 available at: and Laura Mahoney, "California Legislature OKs Bill to Give Aerospace Firm $420 Million Tax Credit," Bloomberg BNA, July 03, 2014.


In July 2014, California passed a tax credit bill (AB 2389) aimed specifically at Lockheed Martin Corp., a key subcontractor for Boeing on a bid to build next-generation bombers for the U.S. Air Force. The tax credit, equal to 17.5 percent of wages paid to the company's workers, was designed to save Lockheed Martin about $420 million over 15 years. Overlaps with main Subsidy Tracker data: none.

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