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Earliest year of data: 1991. Availability of data for earlier years varies greatly from program to program. The majority of the listings for this state are for the period since 2013.


The dollar total above adjusts for the fact that there is an overlap between the amounts in one or more Megadeal entries and those of one or more of the other entries. Dollar totals do not include awards for which no subsidy value is disclosed.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Subsidy $Number of Awards$762,045,29910
Micron Technology$255,439,2009
Huntington Ingalls Industries$98,390,8214
Northrop Grumman$72,308,52812
Dominion Energy$30,000,0003
Continental AG$17,891,71312

Individual Subsidy Records:

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Company Parent Subsidy Source Year Subsidy Valuesort icon Loan/Bailout Value Type of Subsidy
Becker Hydraulics USA, Inc.   local 2014 undisclosed grant
BFPE International, Inc.   local 2014 undisclosed grant
Continental Terminals, Inc.   local 2014 undisclosed grant
Costal Precast Systems LLC   local 2014 undisclosed grant
Liberty Property LP   local 2014 undisclosed grant
Schenker, Inc.   local 2014 undisclosed grant
Avmac LLC   local 2013 undisclosed grant
Desmi, Inc.   local 2013 undisclosed grant
East Coast Value Services, Inc.   local 2013 undisclosed grant
Federal Equipment Co.   local 2013 undisclosed grant
Chesapeake Controls, Inc.   local 2012 undisclosed grant
Manufacturing and Design Technology, Inc.   local 2012 undisclosed grant
Sumitomo of America Sumitomo Group local 2012 undisclosed grant
Superior Quality Manufacturing LLC   local 2012 undisclosed grant
Sutherland Global Services, Inc.   local 2012 undisclosed grant
Area Equipment LLC   local 2011 undisclosed grant
Crewstone Technologies, Inc.   local 2011 undisclosed grant
IBS of America/ JUD Corp   local 2011 undisclosed grant
Scientific Research Corp.   local 2011 undisclosed grant
Chesapeake Theater LLC   local 2010 undisclosed grant
Electric Motor and Contracting Co.   local 2009 undisclosed grant
LTD Management Company LLC   local 2009 undisclosed grant
USUI International Corp.   local 2009 undisclosed grant
Hiller Systems, Inc.   local 2008 undisclosed grant
Kogok Corporation   local 2008 undisclosed grant
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