Subsidy Tracker: State Summary of State and Local Awards

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Earliest year of data: 1993. Availability of data for earlier years varies greatly from program to program. The majority of the listings for this state are for the period since 2009.


The dollar total above adjusts for the fact that there is an overlap between the amounts in one or more Megadeal entries and those of one or more of the other entries. Dollar totals do not include awards for which no subsidy value is disclosed.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Subsidy $Number of Awards
Alphabet Inc.$360,000,0001$264,648,18724
SK Holdings$121,000,0001
Roseburg Forest Products$61,548,83433
Berkshire Hathaway$42,209,74632

Individual Subsidy Records:

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Company Parent Subsidy Source Year Subsidy Valuesort icon Loan/Bailout Value Type of Subsidy
Vitesse, LLC (Facebook) Facebook state 2018 undisclosed tax credit/rebate
ZeaChem/ZAT (2)   state 2018 undisclosed tax credit/rebate
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