Subsidy Tracker: State Summary of State and Local Awards

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Earliest year of data: 1994. Availability of data for earlier years varies greatly from program to program. The majority of the listings for this state are for the period since 2008.


The dollar total above adjusts for the fact that there is an overlap between the amounts in one or more Megadeal entries and those of one or more of the other entries. Dollar totals do not include awards for which no subsidy value is disclosed.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Subsidy $Number of Awards
OCI N.V.$251,000,0002
Apple Inc.$213,889,9431
Raytheon Technologies$181,107,94823
DuPont de Nemours$134,599,86136
CF Industries$108,000,0002
Bass Pro$56,000,0001
IBM Corp.$53,095,6475

Individual Subsidy Records:

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Company Parent Subsidy Source Year Subsidy Valuesort icon Loan/Bailout Value Type of Subsidy
Absolute Energy, LLC   state 2008 $297,305 training reimbursement
McKesson Corporation McKesson state 2004 $298,000 grant
Martin Brothers Distributing Company, Inc.   state 2012 $298,815 tax credit/rebate
Camoplast Rockland, Ltd.   state 2012 $299,600 grant
United Natural Foods, Inc. United Natural Foods state 2003 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Arrow Acme, Inc.   state 2004 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Meredith Corporation IAC/InterActiveCorp state 2005 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Kolman Conveyor Company, Inc.   state 2005 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Cottingham & Butler, Inc.   state 2006 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
PCT Engineered Systems, LLC   state 2006 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
ACP Inc.   state 2006 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Fusion Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a Fusion Communications, Inc.   state 2006 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
American Healthways Services, Inc.   state 2007 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Worldwide Integrated Supply Chain Solutions   state 2008 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Platinum Ethanol LLC   state 2009 $300,000 grant
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC   state 2010 $300,000 grant
Nestle Purina Petcare Company Nestle state 2005 $300,000 infrastructure assistance
Qwest Corporation Lumen Technologies state 2005 $300,000 infrastructure assistance
FPL Energy LLC (via city of Story City) NextEra Energy state 2008 $300,000 infrastructure assistance
Creative Composites Ltd   state 2003 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Tate & Lyle Ingredients America Inc. Tate & Lyle state 2006 $300,000 grant/loan hybrid program
CRST Logistics Inc CRST International state 2011 $300,000 training reimbursement
Land O'Lakes, Inc. Land O'Lakes state 2011 $300,000 grant
Cottingham & Butler Insurance Services, Inc.   state 2016 $300,000 grant
Simonsen Iron Works, Inc.   state 2014 $300,000 tax credit/rebate
Center Leaf Partners, LLC 07-EZ-023 Warburg Pincus state 2006 $300,097 enterprise zone
CNH Industrial America, LLC CNH Industrial state 2014 $300,600 tax credit/rebate
Cambrex Charles City, Inc. Cambrex State 2017 $300,898 grant/loan hybrid program
Kunkel & Associates, Inc.   state 2014 $301,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Sector 5 Technologies, Inc.   state 2008 $302,875 enterprise zone
Putco, Inc.   state 2012 $304,000 tax credit/rebate
Iowa Glass Depot, Inc. 04-EZ-02   state 2003 $304,320 enterprise zone
Clow Valve Company McWane State 2017 $305,250 Tax credit
Fres-co System USA, Inc. 05-EZ-18   state 2004 $306,856 enterprise zone
American Natural Processors Inc.   state 2013 $306,975 tax credit/rebate
EIP Manufacturing, LLC   state 2006 $307,418 training reimbursement
Maintainer Corporation of Iowa Inc.   state 2007 $307,464 training reimbursement
Siouxland Energy & Livestock Cooperative   state 2007 $307,885 tax credit/rebate
Pella Corporation Pella Corporation state 2006 $308,714 training reimbursement
LXI Enterprise Storage   state 2006 $308,946 training reimbursement
CO Engineering, LLC   state 2007 $309,500 training reimbursement
Verasun Fort Dodge, LLC   state 2005 $309,876 training reimbursement
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. Jack Henry & Associates state 2016 $309,895 tax credit/rebate
Deere & Company Deere state 2005 $310,527 training reimbursement
Farnam Companies, Inc. 2001-EZ-04   state 2001 $312,500 enterprise zone
BoDeans Baking Holding Company   state 2003 $312,500 tax credit/rebate
ConAgra Foods, Inc. ConAgra Brands state 2007 $313,214 training reimbursement
Polaris Industries Mfg, LLC Polaris Industries state 2003 $314,426 training reimbursement
Summit Building Systems, Inc. 06-EZ-25   state 2006 $315,222 enterprise zone
Premium Protein Products LLC 04-EZ-19   state 2004 $315,427 enterprise zone
NEW Cooperative, Inc   state 2007 $315,549 training reimbursement
Schuster Company   state 2005 $317,205 training reimbursement
Golden Oval Eggs   state 2009 $317,348 training reimbursement
New Horizon Cuisine   state 2011 $318,276 grant/loan hybrid program
Harbor Group Inc.   state 2012 $318,500 tax credit/rebate
Geater Machining and Manufacturing, Co.   state 2012 $319,000 tax credit/rebate
Protocol Driven Healthcare, Inc.   state 2004 $320,000 grant/loan hybrid program, Inc.   state 2016 $320,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Shelby County Cookers, LLC (Westin Foods)   state 2006 $321,992 training reimbursement
Iowa Turkey Growers d.b.a. Mt. Pleasant Foods   state 2005 $324,423 training reimbursement
Carleton Life Support Systems Inc. Advent International state 2009 $325,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Seaberg Industries, Inc.   state 2011 $325,000 grant
Compressor Controls Corportation   State 2017 $325,000 Grant
Pattison Sand Company, LLC   state 2009 $326,781 training reimbursement
Thomas L. Cardella & Associates, Inc.   state 2010 $327,542 training reimbursement
Continetal Western Insurance Company   state 2009 $327,956 training reimbursement
Gunderson Rail Services dba Greenbriar Rail Services Greenbrier Companies state 2009 $328,000 grant
Professional Computer System   state 2003 $329,000 grant
Assa Abloy-Curries Division Assa Abloy state 2002 $329,280 training reimbursement
HUSCO International, Inc.   state 2009 $329,500 training reimbursement
Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.   state 2008 $329,606 training reimbursement
Pure Fishing   state 2004 $330,000 tax credit/rebate
Gunderson Rail Services dba Greenbriar Rail Services Greenbrier Companies state 2009 $330,546 enterprise zone
Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. KKR & Co. state 2006 $330,809 training reimbursement
Nemschoff Chairs Inc. Herman Miller Inc. state 2007 $330,858 training reimbursement
Dice Career Solutions, Inc. General Atlantic state 2008 $331,688 training reimbursement
Excell Marketing, LC   state 2016 $332,000 tax credit/rebate
Sears Manufacturing   state 2004 $332,500 training reimbursement
Per Mar Security and Research Corp.   state 2002 $332,500 training reimbursement
Pitney Bowes, Inc. Pitney Bowes state 2009 $332,593 training reimbursement
Winnebago Industries 1999-EZ-11   state 1999 $333,306 enterprise zone
Rock-Tenn Converting Company WestRock state 2004 $336,000 training reimbursement
AMPC, Inc. d/b/a Proliant Meat Ingredients   state 2012 $336,000 tax credit/rebate
Iowa Cold Storage   state 2016 $336,574 tax credit/rebate
Ag Processing Inc. a Cooperative Ag Processing Inc. state 2005 $337,000 tax credit/rebate
Genencor - A Danisco Company DuPont de Nemours state 2008 $337,500 enterprise zone
Omega Cabinets, Ltd. Fortune Brands Home & Security state 2002 $339,000 training reimbursement
JEDA Polymers, LLC   state 2014 $339,625 tax credit/rebate
Medline Industries, Inc. Medline Industries state 2008 $339,798 training reimbursement
Biowa Nutraceuticals, LLC 04-EZ-08   state 2004 $340,250 enterprise zone
Carry-On Trailer, Inc. 05-EZ-28   state 2005 $340,862 enterprise zone
Frontier Natural Products Co-op   state 2011 $341,250 training reimbursement
Project InVision International dba Software Made Easy   state 2006 $342,822 training reimbursement
Clipper Windpower, Inc. Platinum Equity state 2005 $346,000 infrastructure assistance
Actuant Electrical dba Gits Mfg   state 2003 $346,329 training reimbursement
Revstone Casting Fairfield (RCF), LLC   state 2011 $347,317 enterprise zone
Smithway Motor Xpress, Inc.   state 2003 $347,382 training reimbursement
Iowa Foundation for Medical Care   state 2009 $347,640 training reimbursement
Zip's Truck Equipment Inc.   state 2007 $349,078 enterprise zone
Big River Resources West Burlington LLC   state 2010 $349,598 training reimbursement
Nestle Purina Petcare Nestle state 2003 $350,000 grant/loan hybrid program
Download results as CSV or XML (maximum 10,000; for access to larger downloads contact Kasia Tarczynska)